What will my bottom be this time

I was in OA for years.  I moved back to my home town a year ago to be closer to my son.  I have been here working and hiding in my house with my food.  I feel like I am eating myself to death.  I have a very high stress job and not many people here I really trust.  I have known for months that the problem is getting worse and I need to deal with it but I just can’t seem to find a start.  I am to the point now that I can’t stand more then 45 minutes without getting a horrible pain in my back.

I have always used food for comfort but it is getting way out of hand.  I never talk to anyone I used to spend 1800 a month on the phone.  I used to see my friends all the time and always thought that people who like to be alone were wierd.  It seems so strange to me to be in this place.   I know I don’t like this city but I never thought this would have happened.  I would love to know when I will stop this insanity.  I am not back sliding in the other areas in my life.  I am even going back to school so that I can get a different job.


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